Insurance Institute Of India Question Papers Revised Syllabus Exam Preparation

Insurance Institute Of India New Revision of syllabus and course curriculum for May 2011 Associateship & Fellowship Examinations. The candidates are requested not to purchase the following existing study courses.
1. IC23 Applications of Life Assurance
2. IC24 Legal Aspects of Life Assurance
3. IC56 Fire Insurance Claims
4. IC57 Fire and Consequential Loss Insurance
5. IC66 Marine Insurance Claims
6. IC67 Marine Insurance
7. IC71 Agricultural Insurance
8. IC72 Motor Insurance
9. IC74 Liability Insurance
10. IC77 Engineering Insurance
11. IC78 Miscellaneous Insurance
12. IC85 Reinsurance
13. IC86 Risk Management

Associateship Life Branch
Revised Subjects
28 Foundation of Actuarial Science (Life Insurance)
22 Life Assurance Underwriting
23 Application of Life Assurance
24 Legal Aspects of Life Assurance
27 Health Insurance
26 Life Assurance Finance

Associateship Non- Life Branch (Six Subjects Need To Cleared)
Revised Subjects
IC45 General Insurance Underwriting
IC46 General Insurance Accounts preparation and Regulation of Investment
A-1 Foundation of Casualty Actuarial Science -I

Optional Subject Any Three
IC57 Fire and Consequential Loss Insurance
IC67 Marine Insurance
IC71 Agricultural Insurance
IC72 Motor Insurance
IC74 Liability Insurance
IC77 Engineering Insurance
IC78 Miscellaneous Insurance
IC27 Health Insurance (Common for L & NL)

Insurance Institute Of India Question Papers Licentiate
Interested candidates can download the previous year old question papers in order for Insurance Institute of India exam preparation. Following are the Model Question papers for Licentiate Examination available.
IC-01 Principles of Insurance
IC-02 Practice of Life Insurance
IC-11 Practice of General Insurance
IC-14 Regulation of Insurance Business
Question Papers of Foundation of Casualty Actuarial Science
Question Papers of Fellowship
Question Papers of Associateship (LIFE & NON-LIFE)
Question Papers of Licentiate (LIFE & NON-LIFE)
Question Papers of C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE)
Question Papers of Surveyors

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