JET 2011 Question Paper JET Punjab Solved Practice Sample Test Paper

JET  2011 PSBTE The Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training Joint Entrance Test 2011
Time : 1½Hour                           Maximum Marks : 400
Read the following passage and choose the correct option out of the four options given at the end of the each question (from question No. 1 to 6) .

Man is no doubt a great architect. But many members of the animal kingdom are no less. Their innovative designs and building techniques can inspire and put to shame many an expert. The ingenious use of available material amazes everyone. Meet the enterprising architects. Beavers are well–known for the dams and lodges they build. They have short and strong front teeth. With this, they gnaw through the trunk of trees, branches and cut pieces of necessary length. They choose a narrow part of the stream and drag all the wood to it. A four–to–five feet high dam is built with logs and interwoven branches, which are held firmly with mud and stones carried in their paws. Moles, gerbils, lemmings, besides rabbits, build their homes underground. Just one mole can dig a tunnel over 225 feet long in a night. Their homes have a network of passages and tunnels, which they keep extending. They throw out the earth, creating molehills and several exits. Gerbils found in Africa and Asia, also make burrows with several tunnels, which they constantly keep cleaning, renovating and extending. When there is a scarcity of food or flooding, they move to other burrows. Lemmings build a vast system of halls and tunnels, with several nests, storage facilities and even toilets. The mole rat has huge protruding incisors, which work as picks. These animals live on worms found underground. Moles bite the nerve center of earthworms, then immobilize and store them for later use. Their short hairs can move in all directions, thereby allowing the animal to burrow without dirt getting lodged in its fur.
1.Members of animal kingdom are also great_______.
c)Magicians d)Speakers
2. Meaning of ingenious:
3. Beavers are well known for the dams and _____ they build.
4. A high dam is built with ____.
5.One mole can dig a tunnel over ___feet long in a night.
6. Moles _____ earthworms for later use.
7.Change the voice of the given sentence:
The naughty boys laughed at the beggar.
a)The beggar is laughed at by the naughty boys.
b)The beggar is being laughed at by the naughty boys.
c)The beggar has been laughed at by the naughty boys.
d)The beggar was laughed at by the naughty boys.
8.Change the narration of the following sentence.
The old man said, “Alas! my youth is gone.
a)The old man exclaimed with sorrow that his youth is gone.
b)The old man exclaimed with sorrow that his youth was gone.
c)The old man exclaimed with joy that he has his youth gone.
d)The old man exclaimed with sorrow that my youth was gone.
9.Insert the suitable preposition.
Let us go _______ foot
10.Insert the suitable determiner.
Do you have _______ money?
11.Which of the following is the correctly punctuated sentence?
a)What a cold nightb)What a cold night!
c)What a cold night?d) What a cold night.
12.Choose the appropriate Punjabi or HIndi translation of the given sentence.
Mysterious are the ways of God
13.Choose the appropriate English translation of the given sentence.
 a)I shall company you in the last.
b)I shall stand by you to the last
c)I shall accompany you in the last.
d)I shall stand with you upto the last
14.Use suitable preposition to complete the sentence.
I prefer tea _______ coffee.
a) of b)at
15.Choose the correct model to complete the sentence.
It _______ rain today
c)mustd) could
16.Choose the correct past continuous tense out of the following options.
a)The girl sings sweetly.
b)The girl is singing sweetly
c)The girl will sing sweetly
d)The girl was singing sweetly.
17.Choose the correct future indefinite tense out of the following options.
a)Ramesh has placed the jug on the table
b)Ramesh will place the jug on the table.
c)Ramesh had placed the jug on the table.
d)Ramesh was placed the jug on the table.

18.Which is the “one word substitution” for the following sentence.
A Government for the people, of the people and by the people.
a) Autocracyb)Democracy
19.Which one of the following is the correct meaning of the idiom
“A bosom friend.”
a)Near friendb)Close friend
c)close enemyd)No friend
20.The word “Glimpse” means

21.There are ________ number of Districts in Punjab.
22.Name the first Guru of Sikhs
a)Guru Angad Dev Ji
b)Guru Gobind Singh Ji
c)Guru Nanak Dev Ji
d)Guru Arjun Dev Ji23.Name the Leading Industrial town of Punjab.
24.S. Parkash Singh Badal is  _______ of Punjab.
a)Governorb)Education Minister
c)Chief Minister
d)Speaker of Vidhan Sabha
25.Popular Folk dance of Punjab associated with men is known as _______
26.Rice crop is harvested in the month of _______
27.Official language of Punjab is _______
a)Hindi b)Telgu
28.Who is the Indian most successful spin bowler belonging to Punjab
a)Kapil Devb)Harbhajan Singh
c)Rahul Dravid
d)Mahendra Singh Dhoni
29.Deepawali is also known as festival of _______
30.Holy book of Muslims is ________
c)Qurand)Guru Granth Sahib

Select from the answer choices an appropriate number to replace the question mark (?) to continue the series.
31.8, 13, 23, 43, 83, ?
32.The question contains two words with some relationship to each other.  Select the option which is related in the same way as the words of the given pair:
Threat : Insecurity
a)Reason: Angerb)Sickness : Medicine
c)Challenge : Fightd)Love: Cheat
33.In a town, 65% people watched the news on television, 40% read a newspaper and 25% read a newspaper and watched the news on television also. What percent of the people neither watched the news on television nor read a newspaper?
a) 5           b)  10     c)   15        d)  20
34.Arjun is 4 years old and his sister Komal is three times as old as he is whenArjun is 12 years old, how old will Komal be
a)16 yearsb)20 years
c)24 yearsd)28 years
35.Which of the following diagrams best depicts the relationship among father, brother and mankind
a) b)
c) d)
36.Complete the series.
37.Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place in the city of.
c)Lahored)Patiala44.The value of C for which the quadratic equation 16×2+24x+C=0 has equal roots, is:
45.A reduction of 15% in the price of rice enables a housewife to purchase 1 kg more rice for Rs. 85, The original price of rice per kg. was:
a)Rs. 12b)Rs. 12.75
c)Rs. 15d)Rs. 15.75
46.A DVD player is available for Rs. 1498 inclusive of sales tax at the rate of 7%. The cost of the DVD player, if the rate of sales tax changes to 10% would be
a)Rs. 1400b)Rs. 1500
c)Rs. 1540d)Rs. 1640
47.The sum of all integers between 99 and 1001 which are divisible by 5 is
a)98450b)98550c)99450   d) 99550
38.Odd one out
a) Pleasureb)anger
c) irrigationd) irritation
39.Which of the following diagrams best depicts the relationship between Females, Mothers, Teachers.
40.Complete the missing portion of pattern.
41.The value of c for which the system of simultaneous linear equation cx + 3y = c-3; 12x + cy = c has infinitely many solutions, is:
a)2b)3c)6d)1248. The sum of m numbers of an A.P is 3m2 + 4m, its pth term is
a) 6P+1b) P + 1c) 4P+1d) 6P
49.Tenth term in the sequence 3,8,13,18,—— is
50.The common root of the equations x2-7x+10=0 and x2-10x+16=0 is
51.One end of diameter is (1,2) if the centre of circle is (3,4) then other end of diameter is
a) (-5, -6)b) (-5, 6)c) ( 5, 6)d) (5, -6)
52.If   3sinA  +   4CosA  =  5  , then SinA =
a) b) c) d)
53.If  , then value of x is
42.The greatest common divisor (GCD) of x2-5x+6, x3-8 and x2-4x+4 is:
a)x-2b)x+2c)(x-2)2d) (x+2)2
54.Two numbers are in the ratio 3:5. If each number is increased by 10, the ratio becomes 5:7. The numbers are :
a)3, 5b) 7, 9c)13, 22d) 15, 25
43. Additive inverse of algebraic expression   is
 a) b)
c) d) 55.A positive number when decreased by 4, is equal to 21 times the reciprocal of the number.  The number is:
56.The length of a hall is (4/3) times its breadth.  If the area of the hall be 300 m2, the difference between the length and breadth is:
57.In given figure, altitude is drawn to the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle. The value of z in cm is
a)3b)5c) d)
 65.Which of the following is not a unit of energy.
c)Newtond)killowatt hour.
66.Three resistance of 2?, 5? and 10? are joined in parallel.  The effective resistance will be
a)more than 10?b)less than 2?
c)more than 5? but less than 10?
d)between 2? and 5?
67.Which of the following remains constant for an isolated system
c)both P.E. and K.E.d)sum of P.E. &  K.E.
58.In the adjoining figure, O is the centre of the circle,  OAP =32o,  OBP=49o. The measure of  ACB is:
 68.The mirror used as rear view mirror in automobiles is:
69.In case of spherical mirrors, the focal length and the radius of curvature are related as:
a)f = R/2b)F = 2R
c)F = Rd)F= 3R

59.In the given figure 3, OA=35cm, BC=7cm, Area of path is
 70.The angle of incidence corresponding to which the angle of refraction is a right angle is called
   a)angle of refractionb)angle of reflection
c)critical angled)polarizing angle
71.The focal length of the objective of a telescope is 60 cm.  To obtain the magnification of 20, the focal length of eye piece should be
a)1 cmb)2 cmc) 3 cmd)4 cm
60.The value of ‘a’ in    is
a) b) c) d) 72.Magnifying power of a compound microscope can be increased by using.
a)objective and eye piece of small focal lengths
b) objective and eye piece of large focal lengths
c)objective and eye piece of same focal lengths
d)objective of small focal length and eye piece of large focal length
61.A band of stars faintly whitening the sky from north to south is called
a)milky wayb)milky ganga
c)milky sead)milky planet
62.Any heavenly body that revolves around a planet is called
a) cometb) nebulaec) star     d) Satellite73.A charged particle moving in a magnetic field experiences a resultant force.
a)in the direction of magnetic field
b)in the direction perpendicular to magnetic field and its velocity
c) in the direction opposite to magnetic field
d)at 45o to the magnetic field.
63.Which of the following isotopes is used for the treatment of cancer?
a) K–40b) Co–60c)  Sr–90    d) Na–2374.The most suitable metal for permanent magnets is
a) steelb)aluminum
c) copperd)iron
64.Which of the following is a non renewable source of energy
a)coal b)tidal energy
c)sun’s energyd)wave energy75.The negative acceleration is called.
a)Uniform accelerationb)Retardation
c)Average accelerationd)Angular velocity
76.The unit of angular velocity is
c)radius/ secondd)12 m/s
77.Newton’s second law gives the measure of:
c)forced)angular momentum
78.What is the relation between mass, force and acceleration.
a)F = mab)F = ms
c)M= FXSd)F = mt
79.Effect of shrinking of earth on the value of ‘g’ will be
a)it will become zerob)it will increase
c)it will become infinited)it will decrease
80.A body of mass 60 kg has a momentum of 3600 kg ms –1. Speed of the body is:
a) 60 m/s b) 50 m/s
c) 30 m/s d) 20 m/s
81.The rate of reaction:
a) increases with increase in concentration of reactants.
b) decreases with increase in concentration of reactants.
c) increases with decrease of temperature.
d) decreases in presence of catalyst.
82.Which of the following is a lewis acid:
a) Cl–b) H3O+c) BF3      d) C2H5OH
83.Which of the following reaction is decomposition reaction?
a)CO2+C2CO2b)H2 + Cl2  2HCl
c)2Al(OH)3  Al2O3 + 3H2O
d)2KIO3 + Cl2 2K ClO3 + I2
84.Hard water is made soft by using
a)Sodium bicarbonateb)Sodium carbonate
c)Sodium chlorided)Sodium hydroxide
85.Annealing of steel is
a) cooling steel articles rapidly
b) passing melten glass between rollers
c) allowing steel articles to cool gradually
d) plunging steel articles suddenly into water
86.Atomic numbers of elements A and B are 13 and 8 respectively. The simplest formula of the compound wich is expected from these elements is
87.Ores are:
a) minerals from which metal can be extracted
b) natural material in which metals are found in earth’s crust
c) mineral containing iron
d) mineral containing copper88.Cryolite and fluorspar are added during electrolysis of Al2O3 in order to
a) decrease the conductivity
b) reduce M.Pt of Al2O3
c) increase the resistance
d) increase M.Pt of Al2O3
89.Which is amphoteric in nature?
a)K2Ob)Ca O
c)Mg Od)Al2 O3
90.The crystalline forms of sulphur are
a) rhombic & monoclinic
b) octagonal & monoclinic
c) trigonal & rhombic
d) octagonal & trigonal
91.Sulphurdioxide is
c)Neutral d)Amphateric
92.Silver mirror is formed by the reaction of methanal with
a) Schiff’s reagentb) Fehling solution
c) Wanklyn reagentd) Tollen’s reagent
93.Enzymes required for fermentation of sugarcane to ethanol are
a) maltase & lactase b) invertase & maltase c) invertase & zymase d) maltase & zymase
94.The temperature at which a fuel catches fire is
a)Thermal pointb)pour point
c)Ignition temperatured)inversion temp.
95.The method of estimating the age of old objects on the basis of radioactivity is called
a) radioactive datingb) radiochemical ageing
c) radiochemical datingd) radioactive ageing
96.The elements which possess the properties of both metals and non-metals are
a)Non-reactive elementsb)Lanthanides
c)Metalloids d)Actinides
97.The main combustible component of water gas is
98.Isotope of hydrogen having no neutron is _______
99.Which of thefollowing compounds is covalent?
100.Which of the following has variable valency

Q. : Ans.
1 : A, 2 : B, 3 : C, 4 : A, 5 : C, 6 : B, 7 : D, 8 : B, 9 : A, 10 : D, 11 : B, 12 : A, 13 : B, 14 : D, 15 : A, 16 : D, 17 : B, 18 : B, 19 : B, 20 : D
21 : A, 22 : C, 23 : B, 24 : C, 25 : D, 26 : C, 27 : D, 28 : Bv29 : C, 30 : C, 31 : A, 32 : C, 33 : D, 34 : B, 35 : C, 36 : D, 37 : A, 38 : C, 39 : A, 40 : A
41 : C, 42 : A, 43 : D, 44 : B, 45 : C, 46 : C, 47 : D, 48 : C, 49 : A, 50 : D, 51 : C, 52 : B, 53 : A, 54 : D, 55 : C, 56 : D, 57 : D, 58 : D, 59 : D, 60 : C
61 : A, 62 : D, 63 : B, 64 : A, 65 : C, 66 : B, 67 : D, 68 : C, 69 : A, 70 : C, 71 : C, 72 : A, 73 : B, 74 : A, 75 : B, 76 : C, 77 : C, 78 : A, 79 : B, 80 : A
81 : A, 82 : C, 83 : C, 84 : B, 85 : C, 86 : C, 87 : A, 88 : B, 89 : D, 90 : A, 91 : A, 92 : D, 93 : C, 94 : C, 95 : C, 96 : C, 97 : D, 98 : A, 99 : A, 100 : D

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