On The Job Training Techniques Advantages Disadvantages Career Tips

On the job training (OJT) is an activity undertaken at the workplace which is designed to improve the skill or knowledge of an individual. Importance of on the job training is realised in the industry that is evolving and keeps changing with technology rapidly. OJT is a well-established and well-used method designed to enhance individual skills and capabilities with the characteristics of. On the job training is given to the employees while they are in their regular jobs. By this, they will not loose time during this learning curve. Once a plan is developed for teaching and training, employees are informed with the details. A schedule/timetable is well established with periodic evaluations to convey the employees about their progress.

Advantages of On the Job Training
On the job training method has the following advantages that can be considered.
.Training can be delivered on time and at the optimum time.
.The trainee will have the good opportunities to practice and implement.
.The trainee will have feedbacks.
.Training is given by colleagues so than they can do a good integrated trainee into the team.
.Trainee builds confidence by working with own speed and productivity.

Disadvantages of On the Job Training
Disadvantages of on the job method of employee training are given below that can be taken as precautions.
.There is a tendency to fit OJT in when it is convenient for office routine rather than at the optimum time for learning, thereby a time lagging is observed.
.The training could be given improperly planned, and the trainee gains a fragmented picture of the organisation.
.Too much training can be dumped in a single session creating an information overload and trainee fatigue.
.The trainer might not have sufficient knowledge or not an expertise in instructional techniques.
.If immediate practice is not followed by feedback the trainee can feel abandoned.

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