Principles Of Learning in HRD Teaching Training Development Organisation

Learning principles in HRD Human Resource Development are essential to build a strong Organization with human resources. Trail and error method of training is a wastage of time, efforts and resources. As training is a form of education, some of the principles of learning theory can be applied to training. Learning is a continuous process by which Skills, knowledge, habits and attitudes are acquired and utilised in such a way that behavior is modified.

Learning Principles
A a good training program satisfies the following principles of learning and the learning objectives.

Employees under training are to be given reasonable opportunity to participate in actual work performance.

Learning is more efficient if it is through guidance from experts. Guidance can speed up the learning process and also provides feedback.

All Trainees must be motivated in order to improve his skills, knowledge through compensation, promotion, rewards, recognition etc.

Trainees should develop perception about their training relevancy. If they fail to perceive the they will provide resistance in the training.

Reinforcement is one of the principles of learning. It is the process of providing financial rewards, incentives, recognition to the employees. Reinforcement encourages trainees to get involved in the training.

The progress of training must be received periodically to understand the effectiveness, limits and potentialities of employees.

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