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Petrol price to increase by Rs3-5 per litre. Petrol and Diesel price become more costlier in metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi, Pune when compared to other remote cities. Hike in fuel price hit normal people.

Steep hike in the price of CNG compressed natural gas and PNG piped natural gas.

CNG price increased by 10.32% and sold at Rs 50.20/kg.

PNG cooking gas, price is increased by 13.68% and sold at Rs 24.50 per kg.

LPG price in Ahmedabad Vadodara
Places like Ahmedabad and Vadodara, natural gas distribution is through Adani group which buys around 9 lakh cubic meter of natural gas per day.

Complete import is happening through GSPC channel. If GSPC gas price is hiked then it reflects directly on the consumers through Adani gas price hike. Imported LNG price has gone 50% higher compared previous year.

Price of LPG per kg is Rs 50.20, previous price was Rs 45.50

Government and Petrol price in Pakistan
Government is not at all considering the life of common people. Simply it is blaming that Oil companies face losses and crude oil is increasing, hence fuel prices are hiked.

Then how the Pakistan government is managing? Petrol price in Pakistan is double/triple the times cheaper than the Petrol price in India.

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