How to add edit remove credit card from Google Play Android Market account?

Google news: Recently Google rebranded its Android Market to Google Play, a gateway to all Android applications.

Google Play Credit card – Google Wallet
In Google Play one can browse and download n number of paid as well as free Android apps.

Google Wallet is the page for your payment information section. If you wish to buy a premium/paid application then you can add your credit card information and proceed with the payment process. You can do by clicking the New Card button also payment method will be Credit Cards.

After adding the credit card information, your details will be displayed as shown below. You can add new address through the New Address button.

Google Play Wallet credit card information

Sign in with your Google Wallet email address and proceed to the payment section

You can see the list of credit cards associated with your Google Play account.

Click the Edit option link near the credit card number to update and modify the credit card information like expiry date, CCV number etc.

Click Delete option to permanently delete the credit card information. Doing this will permanently remove the credit card information from Google Wallet/Google Play email accounts.

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